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Aachen Efeuhäuschen 1977 Venezia 1981
Aachen 1977
2 1/4 sq inch
Venezia 1981
2 1/4 sq inch
Burg Plesse 2003 Spanien Granada 2005
Burg Plesse 2003
Spain Granada 2005
At the age of fifteen I received a reflex-camera for Christmas. I got a lot of pleasure taking photos of the flowers in our family garden. I enjoyed the challenge to improve on these garden photos year on year. The analytical view I developed during these years still influences my photographic approach. 1973 I began Geography studies in Aachen.

Geography has always fascinated me and forms the basis for my enthusiasm to teach photography.

I began to use the Zone-System created by the American photographer Ansel Adams (link to my "Concept") and this lead me to new horizons within my practice. For me his photos revealed the ideal combination of technical perfection of black and white prints together with the expression of art. Inspired by this I switched to a 2 ¼ square inch camera. During my time in Aachen I set of to make photographic studies throughout Italy, and later, Spain.

1983 I started with my studies of agricultural sciences and social anthropology in Göttingen. In Aachen I had started to understand the famous painters of the Italian Renaissance, in order to widen my artistic influences, and looked for additional inspiration outside the area of photography. Journeying for months throughout Mexico and Central America in particular, I was motivated to study the art of this region. (link to my "Concept").

2002 I bought a 4 x 5 inch large format camera. To limit the costs and for training reasons I started with the technique of Kalotype (link to my abstract "Kalotype"). My first results were of low quality, just as it had been for some practitioners in the 19th century. Eventually, through practice and Zone System calculations I achieved the quality I had been used to. This first phase of my Kalotype work lead to an exhibition about the "Burg Plesse" (Castle Plesse, north of Göttingen) in the "Künstlerhaus Göttingen e.V. (Center of Exhibition of Art in Göttingen).

In 2003 I took my first trip to Andalusia, Spain. Motivated by the historical novel of Tarik Ali (link to my "Concept" and "Bibliography"), I headed for the hidden origins of Islamic heritage. On the first journey I carried my 2 ¼ square inch along with me, but in subsequent visits I kept to my large format camera. In Al-Andalusia I looked for the unique symbiosis of southern European and Moorish-oriental roots. I found marvelous people, buildings and a wonderful landscape and this continues to inspire me to this day, leading me to revisit the area as often as possible.

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