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Zone System (PDF)
español pinhole photography

Magic Realism: Connecting the visible with the hidden

Wolfgang Fröde: Realismus – Figurativer Realismus – Magischer Realismus
Kunstnet: Kunst in den goldenen Zwanzigern
Carlos Fuentes (1954): Chac-Mool

History of Photography

Jean-Christophe Barnoud
W. H. Fox Talbot: Some Account of the Art of Photogenic Drawing. 1839
W. H. Fox Talbot, British patent # : 8842

Zone System

Ansel Adams Gallery
Dieter Walter: Zonensystem

Supply chain: Large Format Camera

shen hao
FFordes Photographic (Supply chain for Shen-Hao)

Supply chain: Photographic Paper and Chemistry

Fotoimpex: Supply for Photographic Artists
wephota – b+g Banse und Grohmann GmbH: paper at any size cut to customer's desire
FOTO R3 (Spain) Supply for Photographic Artists

Calbe Chemie: basic chemicals

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