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Calotype Films

Calotype films are photographic papers which show negatives. Basically any photographic paper can be used, color works also.

The enterprise b+g Banse und Grohmann GmbH, trade mark "wephota", offers a broard variety of special calotype films. The wephota cuts photographic paper to any dimension accordingly to the concept of the photographer. Maximum width is 104 cm. Please tell the format with your order. By this even cameras down to the beginning times of photography can be reactivated. Their offering concentrates on fixed graded resine photographic black & white paper:

NT9: 120-er packing for medium format cameras (4,5 x 6 cm, 6 x 6 cm/2 x 2 sq inch up to 6 x 9 cm negative format). Speed ISO 6/9.

NT9: for large format cameras (minimum 9 x 12 cm / 4 x 5 inch) we recommend resin paper. Speed ISO 6/9.

HS200: a special resin paper with a speed of ISO 100/21. The light sensibility is similar to the films of the 1920-s.

Please place your orders directly to the b+g Banse und Grohmann GmbH: or to Mr. Grohmann, e-mail:

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